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The police closed football thirty-six

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Shut the door to catch the thief means weak enemy to take, encircle and annihilate it strategy. If the enemy escaped, the situation will be very complex. If it is pursued, a desperate counterattack, two enemy soldiers in fear of induction meter. Further meaning: the small stock of the enemy to the immediate siege, and is not conducive to rapid or far. American football is a most basic defensive strategy called contain, video translation will be the word translated as “locked outside, more accurate translation.
Too many refers to the defensive attack or outside linebacker at quarterback during the raid, its suppression in the offensive attack the protective net, but will give the quarterback pass or pass the ball. If a quarterback speed attributes and points out running talent, so contain is very important. If otherwise, if speed quarterback broke through the defensive front surrounded to the open area opening up the running, it like a runaway wild dogs, a hair irremediable. Therefore, good lateral defensive player will first letter to quarterback running routes, again step by step approach to ensure their prey will escape in front.

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When the defensive team wants to execute. Tactics, they need two faster players, respectively, listed at the front of the attack of the outermost formation potential of the horns, the second one we call for “container”; when the kickoff of the center, container to directly run the attack attack such as ghost pat door general truncation around on both sides of the path, then can guarantee you can smooth disguised mobile to speed as soon as possible compression quarterback in the mobile space. Ideally, these 2 players will be left to right to chase the quarterback.

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It’s easier said than done, but it’s very difficult to finish contain. First of all, the container to maintain focus and cannot be quarterback tee slogan deception. However, the offensive team is listening to a password to mobile, defense only to see the ball moving move again, this layer lost offensive. Then attack attack will have for the barrier, whether they are melee flow or Taiji, container to get rid of as soon as possible rivals, in a weak grab back the initiative, which in itself is a big problem. Then quarterback chase, but quarterback is not a telephone pole, ambidextrous quarterback will flash turn maneuvers, or run even faster than anyone. Fortunately, football is not a race, in the face of left and right flank, anterior plugging, the quarterback can only choose back rounded, Quxianjiuguo, contain to brake in time, change in pursuit of the line at any time, if not catch must calculate each other’s escape route. He couldn’t easily be bypassed. Finally, in team cooperation, and finally take seizes the kill, of course, the prerequisite is quarterback here before didn’t get the ball out. If the offensive team chose to run the offense, the contain strategy can prevent most of the outside of the running tactics, but for the middle of the road can not provide enough defense support.

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. although it is a very basic defensive strategy, but in practical application, executive had higher difficulty, from individual container, there are a lot of difficulties, not to mention the need to 2 people and perfect execution, a missed, pit dead teammates.

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